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To get your own domain name you use the services of a company that functions as an Internet domain name registrar.

The registrar is in the business of allocating domain names and assuring that there are no duplicates. Several companies have been assigned the responsibility to perform these registration duties for the public. They pay substantial fees for the right to be a Registrar, and are allowed to charge for their services associated with the registration of domain names.

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The Registrar gets compensated for their part through the domain name registration fee or or renewal fee that you pay for each domain name you register or renew.

We see the registration process as more of a lease of a domain name, rather than an outright purchase (but the effect on your charge card is the same, either way you see it :-). More importantly, the domain name registration process accomplishes several important tasks. It provides:

  • a system to assure that every Internet domain name is unique, and properly registered
  • a system to continually maintain your registration of a domain name
  • multiple registrars available, which helps create competitive pricing for domain names
  • the system that allows a domain name that is no longer used to be re-assigned or acquired later by a different individual or company
  • a secondary market for domain names acquired on speculation

Q: How much does it cost?
A: It varies, and lately it's quite inexpensive to register a domain name. Registrars offer yearly or multi-year agreements to register available domain names. Some offer "sale" pricing. Most offer a discount for multi-year registration. Interclix Hosting offers these discounts and at very competitive rates and also offers a further-reduced first-year domain name registration fee (for selected domain(s)) when other eligible web service product(s) are purchased in the same transaction, such as web site hosting service, and more. Domain name prices vary by Top Level Domain (TLD) name.

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Interclix Hosting registration benefits

When you register your domain name through :

  • YOU have ownership and full secure control of your domain name.
  • Your domain name is not held captive by anyone.
  • Use the Free DNS management tool to adjust and maintain your domain's settings.
  • If the Free DNS management tool isn't enough for your needs, an optional DNS management tool is available.
  • If you need help, it's available for FREE by phone or email 24x7x365.

We recommend domain name registration through It's where our domains are registered.

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